Thursday, February 21, 2019

25% Completionist

I think it goes without saying that it has been an eventful year (both academically and annually). As a student, our years are often broken into segments of 9 months—those which are summer and...

Arizona Rain

I didn’t know it rained in Arizona. The desert-dried city of Tempe never passed me as a town of slow moving, still-falling rain. The rain has its way in the city: the cars move...
Or is it really just skill?

Lost Time

This semester I’ve learned that there really is such little time in a day. I’m stuck in an endless speed-walk, board-dash, class-rush of a loop. I seem to never have time to catchup on...

Open: A town revival

South of the overpopulated tourist trap, Kailua-Kona, lies an under-appreciated small-town classic known by many as Kainaliu. The town once boasted the beloved Kainaliu Parade that catered to hundreds of Kona residence intrigued with...
No mere Camera

The Camera

The Camera Recently, I’ve started taking more pictures in an attempt to document memories that I forget too fast. In an age of instant data, I don’t blame my lacking memory. My grandmother, Grace Basque,...

The First Blog Post / Summarizing 4 Months

Last year today I was sweeping the web with an alarming thought in mind, "I have so much content on the Internet about me." I cringed at the seemingly reminiscent Facebook squanders, YouTube pre-virals,...

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